The Trust appreciates that some visitors may wish to leave a lighted candle or oil lamp on a grave. However, this contravenes Victorian cemetery rules and State laws relating to fire safety. Leaving any flame burning in the cemetery is an offence punishable by fine at any time. During Fire Danger Periods and Total Fire Ban Days, penalties for allowing a flame to burn (whether attended or not) may include jail. Alarmingly, a number of fires have started within the cemetery from candles, incense and oil lamps. To avoid possible prosecution of visitors and to help protect lives and property from the danger of wildfire, the Trust urges use of fire-safe modern LED lamps only.

The Box Hill Cemetery Trust has been awarded heritage funding of $200,000 for conservation works on the Columbarium. Built in 1929 as a repository for cremated remains, the Columbarium is in the form of a Greek cross with Spanish-tiled gable roof and domed octagonal tower. It is on the register of Heritage Victoria. Works, including stabilisation of foundations and some above-ground repairs, are planned for completion by the end of August 2019.

Due to lack of foundations under grave plaques, many in the Columbarium Lawn have moved and sunk to the distress of some visitors. To address this concern and bring the Columbarium Lawn up to more pleasant modern cemetery standards, concrete beams are to be installed at the head of all graves. Plaques are to be set onto the new beams with provision made for new vases. Major works are planned for completion by the end of June 2019, with lawn renovation to be completed by late Spring.

A limited number of new grave sites are still available within Box Hill Cemetery. Premium lawn grave sites are available for $26,350*. These sites include prime positions in the new Collyer Lawn (just inside the Middleborough Road main entrance). Some new monumental earth grave sites are also available throughout Box Hill Cemetery for $15,880* and monumental graves sites with foundations for $22,050*. Mausoleum crypts are also available, with prices varying, depending on type of crypt and level. Inspection is most welcome and further information is available by appointment.

Cremated remains may also be interred and memorialised in a range of lawn, wall and garden niches.

To secure one of the last remaining interment sites in the heart of Melbourne’s east, interested families are welcome to call our helpful office staff on (03) 9890 1229 for an appointment.

*(FY 2019/2020, subject to annual review).

The Trust apologises for any inconvenience relating to ongoing improvements around the cemetery. We understand the importance of access to memorials and facilities at all times. Our courteous staff and contractors strive to minimise disruptions in the course of their work. We are certain that most visitors will be highly-pleased with the results of our continuing endeavours.