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Opportunities are still available to secure new earth graves in various settings throughout the cemetery including in our peaceful and historic original survey leading towards the Columbarium, and along Arbour Walk where over 100 sites have recently been developed and are available. Lawn graves are available on the manicured and easily accessible Collyer Lawn, located directly inside the Middleborough Road entrance. Burials are also regularly conducted in existing family plots, where possible. Our helpful administration staff will assist to identify opportunities to further use existing family graves or help with selection of available new sites by appointment.

Burial and Mausoleum options 2022-2023 brochure

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Cremation Memorials

Opportunities for placing and memorializing cremated remains are available at Box Hill Cemetery within the attractive Garden of Serenity (with both wall and garden niches on offer), the Ashes in Lawn memorial lawns, the historic Pavilion walls, and Mausoleum wall niches. Interment (burial) within existing family graves is also a popular choice. Sample memorial plaques and bases are displayed in the cemetery office where arrangements may be made by appointment for placement of ashes and/or plaques.

Cremation memorials 2022-2023 brochure

To download an APPLICATION FOR APPROVAL TO INTER CREMATED HUMAN REMAINS’ from the Victorian Department of Health (Cemetery Sector Governance Support) please click here.

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The first stage of the Box Hill Community Mausoleum was constructed in the centre of the cemetery in 2002. The attractive, modern outdoor Community Mausoleum was extended in 2005, 2012 and again in 2017. The Mausoleum is a peaceful environment where visitors can sit to reflect and visit with their loved ones, and memorial plaques are able to be arranged by appointment via the office. Pair and True Companion crypts (for up to two interments) as well as Single crypts are all currently available.

Please click here to download our Burial and Mausoleum options 2022-2023 brochure brochure for information regarding options and pricing.

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To ensure the long-term integrity of memorials and safety of visitors, modern cemetery monuments must be constructed to approved standards (somewhat similar to a building process). Only approved monumental work may be undertaken in a cemetery. The first step for anyone wishing to erect or modify a monument is to select a professional stonemason who will guide you through design, materials and inscriptions. Your mason will also make necessary arrangements with the cemetery on your behalf.

Box Hill Cemetery does not recommend specific stonemasons. Websites or telephone directories may be helpful; and inspecting existing monuments can help with choice of style and quality, as most masons attach their name and contact number. The Master Stone Masons Association may also be able to provide details of reputable craftsmen who work throughout the metropolitan area. Styles and prices may vary, so more than one quotation is recommended.

To download an ‘APPLICATION TO ESTABLISH OR ALTER A MEMORIAL ON OR AT A PLACE OF INTERMENT’ from the Victorian Department of Health (Cemetery Sector Governance Support) please click here

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To maintain consistency and orderliness for the convenience of all visitors, only approved plaques may be installed within the cemetery. Different sizes and styles of plaques are used in various sections, including rose gardens, memorial lawns, pavilion, mausoleum crypts and mausoleum niches; and a broad range of plaques sizes and styles may be used on graves and monuments. Sample plaques are displayed in the cemetery office where orders can be taken and arrangements made for placement of plaques.

For our current ‘PLAQUE ORDER FORM’ please phone (03) 9890 1229 or e-mail

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Grave Garden Maintenance

For those who may be unable to regularly tend a family grave at Box Hill Cemetery, the Trust offers an ongoing garden maintenance service. This applies to graves without masonry covering, where ornamental vegetation may be planted and maintained by our horticultural team. For details of this service, please contact our administration staff.

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Cemetery Fees

Cemetery fees are approved and gazetted by the Victorian Department of Health. The Department’s website not only lists Box Hill Cemetery’s current fees, but also those of other Victorian cemeteries.

Please click here to review or print current cemetery fees: Victorian Department of Health (Cemetery sector Governance Support) For individual specific fee enquiries, you may also telephone the cemetery office on (03) 9890 1229 or email:

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